WEAR TV - Switch to Paper Straws Continues


Alex Fox with the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center said plastic is now being found in 90-percent of sea life.

Statistics like these have sparked movements like the “Skip The Straw” Project. The project encourages businesses and consumers to swap plastic straws, for paper. Biologists said the paper straws are biodegradable and better for the environment.

“As far as you know, collecting trash and plastic on the beach- straws is in the top ten categories as far as overall pollution. Cigarette butts are number one,” said Fox.

Max Murphy is the general manager of Crab’s Restaurant on Pensacola Beach. He said his restaurant has already made the switch. “Converting to paper straws is just going to help the fisheries here, which in turn helps us. It’s being responsible. We’re trying to get as many eco-friendly products as possible,” said Murphy.

 “Six, eight months ago people were giving paper straws away. Now everybody wants them because the whole industry is going that direction,” he said.