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Feb 17th A lot of styrofoam filled 29 x33 USG garbage bags with 546 lbs of trash. Thanks to the 35 volunteers

Feb 10th  191 lbs was collected in 9 x 33 gal trash bags by 28 volunteers. A lot of glass beer bottles

Feb 3rd 58 volunteers filled 3 x 13 and 8 x 40 USG trash bags with 263 lbs of trash. A lot of cigarette butts and beverage containers.

Jan 27th Three sites at Ft Pickens for 53 volunteers to pick up 455 lbs of trash. 1,388 of trash picked up in January. A very wide variety of "stuff" - tar balls, beach toys, signs, rope/fishing gear etc.

Jan 20th 37 volunteers picked up 157 lbs of trash between the P'cola Visitor Centre and Graffitti Bridge. 8 x 33 gal trash bags worth

Jan 13th between Chimney and Bay Bluffs Parks, 34 volunteers picked up 279 lbs of trash. There were a lot of adult beverage containers, glass especially.

Jan 7th A joint cleanup on bayside of Pensacola Beach from Paradise Bar & Grill to Grand Marlin with Emerald Coast Surfrider. Collected 315 lbs of trash

Jan 6th Between Naval Live Oaks & Bob Sikes Bridge, 182 lbs of light trash was picked up in 2 x 40USG, 3 x 33 and 2 x 5 USG trash bags. A lot of paper and Walmart shopping bags


Dec 16th 14 volunteers picked up 88 lbs of trash at Graffitti Bridge, Bartram Park and Pensacola Visitor Center

Dec 9th 205 lbs collected by 29 volunteers in 6 x 33 USG and 3 x 13 USG trash bags

Dec 2nd Went over 10,000 lbs thanks to the volunteers at NLO, Bob Sikes Bridge and Quietwater Beach

Nov 18th  253 lbs of litter was collected in 11 x 13 and 8 x 30 trash bags. Thanks to the 34 volunteers bringing November's total to 1,233 lbs. Getting close to 10,000 for the year!

Nov 11th 12 volunteers at Chimney Park picked up 206 lbs. 191 lbs were picked up at Bay Bluffs bringing Nov's total to 980 lbs. Other than a TV and nails, styrofoam, beverage containers and personal hygiene products were the most numerous

 Nov 4th 61 volunteers picked up 169 lbs of trash (lots of styrofoam and cig butts) and a pickup truck bed of pressure treated wood - ~300 lbs. The other two locations contributed contributed 55 lbs of trash. First week of Nov - 583 lbs.

Nov 1st 18 students and one teacher from Pace HS picked up 59 lbs of trash! Thank you!

Oct 27th By numbers, beverage lids made up the majority of trash. 13 volunteers picked up 62 lbs in 5 x 13 USG bags

Oct 21st Cig butts, styrofoam pieces and what was left by a toilet paper fight at Graffiti Bridge made up 106 lbs of trash collected in8 x 13 USG and 5 x 33 USG bags

Oct 14th Glass bottles made upa lot of the 157 lbs picked up by 18 volunteers.  5 large and 3 x 13 USG bags - car door interior didn't fit. Plastic bottles were numerous

Sep 30th A commercial fishing net with plastic pieces embedded was picked on the beach - close to 50 lbs! Significant number of bottle caps and food wrappers. 217 lbs was collected for a monthly total of 1,152 lbs! This is 3 months in a row >1,000 lbs

Sep 23rd 27 volunteers were at Park West and the Dog Park at PCB. Sep 16th 133 lbs of trash and one computer screen.

Sep 9th 22 volunteers picked up 179 lbs of trash at Bay Bluffs and 22 people picked up 92 lbs at Chimney Park.  3 x 13 and 13 x 33 USG trash bags. OceanHour could use some donated trash bags - thank you!

Sep 2nd 28 volunteers at both ends of Bob Sikes bridge picked up 171 lbs in 6 x 33 USG trash bags. At Naval Live Oaks 15 people collected 119 lbs in 1 x 5 USG and 5 x 33 USG bags. Pieces of styrofoam were very evident

Aug 26th 44 volunteers at new site at Floridatown Park in Pace picked up 162 lbs of trash. Three sites on Pensacola Beach collected a further 180 lbs of trash.

Aug 19th At three sites 23 volunteers picked up 245 lbs of trash in 3 x 13 and 6 x 33 USG bags. Plastic pieces cig butts and beverage cans were most common.

Aug 12th  A heart monitor was among the 342 lbs that 37 volunteers picked up! There were 11 x 13 USG and 8 x 40 USG trash bags

Aug 5th 104 lbs picked up by 18 volunteers in 8 x13 trash bags

Jul 29th 11 volunteers picked up 111 lbs of plastic/styrofoam pieces and cig butts. 4 x 13 and 3 x 40 trash bags. In July 1,038 lbs of trash collected

Jul 22nd 25 volunteers picked up cig butts, beverage lids, and plastic pieces totaling 139 lbs. There were 8 x 40 and 3 x 13 USG garbage bags

Jul 15th 40+ adults picked up 430 lbs of cig butts, food wrappers, spray paint cans and micro plastic

Jul 9th A group of 9 adults and six children picked up 105 lbs of trash on Quietwater Beach in < 1 hour. Pointing out the importance of "Refusing the Straw", one volunteer picked up 156 straws in 45 minutes!

Jul 8th It took 9 x 13 and 9 x 33 USG trash bags to collect 139 lbs of styrofoam cups/pieces, beverage containers and cig butts. Thanks to the 18 volunteers

Jul 1st 114 lbs of cig butts, food wrappers and styrofoam cups/pieces. The trash was collected in 10 x 13 USG and 4 x 33 USG bags

Jun 24th 32 volunteers collected 147 lbs of trash in 5 x 13 USG and 14 x 33 USG trash bags. Top three - styrofoam cups, processed food wrappers and cig buts

Jun 17 155 lbs of trash in 5 x 13 USG and 7 x 33 USG bags by 24 volunteers. Cig buts, spray cans and beverage containers

Jun 10 18 volunteers picked up 127 lbs of trash in 4 x 13 USG and 8 x 40 USG bags. Beverage containers and cig butts were most common

Jun 3 4 bags each 13 and 33 gal of cig butts, plastic wrappers and styrofoam was picked up by 17 volunteers. 66 lbs of litter

May 30th 45 lbs of cig butts, plastic straws and food wrappers were picked up by 8 volunteers in 7 x 13 USG trash bags. For the month of May 470 lbs of litter collected

May 20th 23 volunteers picked up 11 x 13 USG and 1 x 33 USG garbage bags weighing 61 lbs.

May 13th Between Chimney and Bay Bluffs parks, 33 volunteers filled 12 x 33 USG and 4 x 13 USG trash bags with 202 lbs of litter

May 6th 25 Volunteers picked up 162 lbs of a wide variety of "stuff"

Apr 29th For the month 1,431 lbs. 70 volunteers picked up 599 lbs in over 40 garbage bags. A lot of food wrappers. 

Apr 22nd Cig butts, styrofoam/plastic pieces and 5 tires. Total weight including tires 704 lbs - without 554. 30 volunteers

Apr 15th Lots of styrofoam, straws and bottles made up 78 lb of trash in 5 x 33 gal and one 13 gal trash bags. 17 volunteers

Apr 8th 17 volunteers picked up 145 lbs of beverage containers, styrofoam and cig butts. 9 x 33 gal trash bags and 3 lawn chairs

Apr 1st 55 pounds of glass bottles, cans and wrappers. 14 volunteers

Mar 25th 149 lbs of styrofoam, plastic bottles and a large stanchion.  103 lbs from volunteers at the pier; 46 pounds (4 x 33 gal trash bags) from the Campground registration area.

Mar 18th 133 lbs of beverage containers, styrofoam and cig butts. 13 x 33 gal trash bags

Mar 11th 251 lbs of bottles (all sorts), styrofoam and debris. Pickup bed liner, car front bumper and two lawn chairs. 11 x 33 gal trash bags

Mar 4th 310 lbs of cig butts, styrofoam (all sizes) and plastic food wrappers. 8 x 33 gal trash bags

Feb 24 & 25th 130.5 lbs of plastic food wrappers, cig butts, and styrofoam were picked. Oddities were a car jack and two fishing rods. 2x33 USG and 2x13 USG trash bags.

Feb 18th 377 lbs. of styrfoam/plastic of all sizes and shapes. Food containers with a lawn chair. there were 12 x 33 gal trash bags.

Feb 11th 110 lbs of beverage containers, food wrappers and cig butts at Chimney Park. The same trash at Bay Bluffs but 89 lbs. 8 x 33 gal trash bags.

Feb 4th The 85 lbs of beer cans, beer bottles and food wrappers. 2 x 33 gallon and 3 kitchen bags with a small table.

Jan 28th Along the beach styrfoam, food wrappers and bottles. Bags, food wrappers and cigarette butts were most common on the sides of roadways. Total of 1x35 gal bag and 5x13 gal bags.

Jan 14th  Beverage containers, cig butts food wrappers. 9 x 33 gallon trash bags. Unique - 3 plastic lawn chairs.

Jan. 7th  Cig butts, food wrappers and styrofoam. 4 x 33 gallon trash bags.