Don't bury your butts in the sand, "Cig" the sea turtle promotes clean beaches

Sharon from Ocean Hour FL was on WEAR TV yesterday highlighting the No. 1 item picked up in our Saturday's clean ups. Cigarette butts' as shown by Cig the turtle.

From WearTV: "Pensacola. Fla.  (WEAR) -- A group that cleans local beaches is hoping the trash they've collected sheds a light on littering. Ocean Hour makes a weekly trip to clean beaches and waterways. They make art projects out of the debris they find. In the video above you can meet "Cig" the sea turtle. He is made out of dozens of cigarette butts. Ocean Hour hopes Cig will send a message to keep the beaches clean. It only took an hour to find all the butts that were used to construct the sea turtle. He's on display at the Casino Beach Visitor's Information Center".