GBHS "Save the Wave" Project

Want to be impressed? Want to help meet a goal?

Catch the "Save the Wave" project Gulf Breeze High School Marine Science and Art students put together using over 500 plastic bottles (waves) and Capri-Sun packaging (fish). This project focuses attention on plastic pollution! There is a student-led effort to get campus-wide water filling stations installed at GBHS to reduce the number of plastic bottles used there on a daily basis!  Thank you to Marine Science Teacher Katherine Edwards and Art Teacher Susan Hoffman for your support and guidance.

Navarre Middle School

Holley Navarre Middle School students are passionate about straws - they've been cleaning them off Navarre Beach, Florida & Pensacola Beach, Florida by the thousands! These creative students made a giant straw from their straws and used it in their appeal to local Navarre Beach eateries asking them to skip the straw or give them on request only. Kids changing the world, taking on marine debris! #skipthestraw #nomoremarinedebris   Jen Butera is their rock star faculty sponsor!